Vegetarian diets and children

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Vegetarian diets and children

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Title: Vegetarian diets and children.

Author(s): Sanders TA

Source: Pediatric clinics of North America [Pediatr Clin North Am] 1995
Aug; 42 (4), pp. 955-65.

Abstract: Although the general health and development of vegan and
vegetarian children seem to be normal, there may be subtle differences
compared with omnivores. They are at increased risk of iron deficiency,
and impaired psychomotor development associated with iron deficiency has
been reported in macrobiotic infants. Fortunately, this impairment is not
permanent, and follow-up studies have reported higher-than-average
intelligence quotients among older macrobiotic children. Several other
hazards of vegetarian diets have been identified, including vitamin B12
deficiency, rickets, and a bulky diet that can restrict energy intake in
the first few years of life; however, these pitfalls can be avoided
easily, and children can be successfully reared on vegetarian diets.