Growth and development of British vegan children

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Growth and development of British vegan children

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Title: Growth and development of British vegan children.

Author(s): Sanders TA

Source: American journal of clinical nutrition [Am J Clin Nutr] 1988 Sep;
48 (3 Suppl), pp. 822-5.

Abstract: The growth and development of children born of vegan mothers and
reared on a vegan diet has been studied longitudinally: All of the
children were breast-fed for the first 6 mo of life and in most cases well
into the second year of life. The majority of children grew and developed
normally but they did tend to be smaller in stature and lighter in weight
than standards for the general population. Energy, calcium, and vitamin D
intakes were usually below the recommended amounts. Their diets, however,
were generally adequate but a few children had low intakes of riboflavin
and vitamin B-12. Most parents were aware of the need to supplement the
diet with vitamin B-12. It is concluded that provided sufficient care is
taken, a vegan diet can support normal growth and development.